Preparation and Understanding are Key to a Successful Transaction

An informed seller is a well-prepared seller. Here are the easy steps to follow when listing your home with me:

1- Documents you will need to list your home.  Do not worry if you are not sure about any of the information below, I will guide you every step of the way: 

  • A completed Seller Property Disclosure. This document needs to be reviewed by your buyer within three (3) days of signing a contract. Therefore, having a form completed will not delay your transaction.
  • Corporation documents and articles of incorporation documents if your home is under a corporation. All taxes and corporation documents must be up to date prior to closing.
  • Condo documents if your property is in a condominium. Please request a copy of your Condo Documents to your Association along with your condominium most recent Financial Statements and Budget. Please obtain the contact information for your Condominium Association and I will contact the make arraignments for access, photos, and other documents that will be required during the contract due diligence period.
  • Lease agreement and tenant contact information if your home is currently rented. Please note that access to your property is imperative and it directly affects the time it will take to sell your home.
  • Owner Title Policy. This document is not required at the time of listing your home. However, be ready to provide it to the closing agent to receive a discount in your closing fees at closing.

2- Let’s meet at the property. I will provide you with a CMA of your home after reviewing your property. A CMA is a Comparative Market Analysis. My report will include photos and an excel sheet with current properties listed, under contract and sold in the last 6 months. In addition, you will receive an inventory of listings in your area to understand your position in your market. 

3- I will provide you the most recent Florida Realtors® Listing Agreement to sell or lease your property.  You will receive a copy of all your signed listing paperwork immediately. In addition, you will have access to sign most documents electronically with access at the palm of your hand. 

4- Time to tell the world your home is on the market. My Compass Sign is unique and fresh. The smartest sign in real estate is the ultimate seller resource, redefining the search and sell ecosystem.

5- Once your agreement is signed and your documents are being processed, it is time for pictures. I will make arraignments to meet with my professional real estate photographer to meet at your property for photos. In some instances, a drone would be used to highlight your property location and amenities. 

6- Your property will be added to the MLS which is the Multiple Listing System which is shared with local Realtors®, Compass sites and affiliates, and many other sites around the world. All listings are complete with full property descriptions, professional photos, links, forms and any additional information needed for buyers to find and choose your home over other options.

Prepare your home for property tours and open houses with my top 10 tips for best results:

1- Time to consolidate! Now is the best time to remove and store any items inside and outside your home to prepare your home to be at its best. 

2- Depersonalize. Buyer sometimes lack imagination, help them see themselves at home by removing large family portraits, extra furniture, kitchen magnets, etc.

3- Organize your home. Show how there is a place for everything, and everything has storage space.  Closets, garages, under sink cabinets, and other storage locations need to be organized.

4- Clean until it shines. Start with you clearing your counters and tables as much as possible. Dust your ceiling fans and vents. Replace your AC filters every month and clean your AC closet. Pool needs to be clean and water nice and clear. Floors and windows need to sparkle.

5- Up the curb appeal. My sign tells them you are selling, and your home makes them call. First impressions are so important, make sure your home's lawn is pristine. Service your lawn regularly, prune the bushes, and trim your tress. Need a little help? No worries, I will connect you with a local professional who can help you.

6- No better time than now to make repairs.  That missing light switch is a turn off and makes buyers think of additional costs to their purchase. Make buyers look at the positives and not get distracted with the negatives. I will be happy to walk through the property with you and make a list of necessary repairs and touch ups. 

7- Make your front door a “Welcome Home” sign.  Replace or paint faded house numbers, clean or update your front lamps, add a fresh coat of paint, and buyers will have a wonderful start to their property tour. Do not forget a new and inviting welcome mat. Live on a busy street? consider adding a water feature to mute exterior sounds.

8- Home neutrality is a good selling technique. The goal is to appeal to as many people as possible. Consider neutral paint colors for your walls, bed sheets, accent pillows, and towels. 

9- Smells can make or brake a deal. Always have candles and sprays readily available.  Remove your cat litter or disguise it (I have a cat and a dog so count on me to give you great pointers). Cigarette smoking must be left to the outdoors and all evidence must be removed prior to any showings. 

10- Box it. Get ready for your move and start placing some items in boxes. It allows your storage spaces such as closets and cabinets look ample and adequate. Keep your boxes in storage or neatly placed in your garage. 

Open House Suggestions: Place fresh flowers in key locations, light candles with sweet smells, play soft music, run your pool spa if you have one, close all toilet sit lids (yes, people do forget to do this), clear your kitchen counters and all tables, open your blinds, and set your AC to a nice cool temperature.

Be Ready for Picture Day: Place fresh flowers in key locations, run your pool spa if you have one, close all toilet sit lids (yes, people do forget to do this), clear your kitchen counters and all tables, open your blinds, and make sure your outside areas are clear and ready for pictures. Be ready to move some furniture to allow the photographer movement and access to the best features of your home. Pictures entice buyers to schedule a tour of your home so bright and accurate photos are a must for every great listing.